2014 Finger Lakes Health’s College of Nursing Celebrates Pinning and Graduation Ceremonies

The Finger Lakes Health College of Nursing graduated its fifth class with a pinning ceremony and commencement exercises in May. 53 students were pinned and graduated this year.

The pinning ceremony took place on Friday, May 16, at the Ramada Inn – Geneva Lakefront, and the commencement ceremony was held at The Smith in Geneva on Sunday, May 18. Photos from both events can be viewed on Flickr and accessed from Finger Lakes Health’s website at www.flhealth.org.
Patrick Boyle, Vice President of Human Resources at Finger Lakes Health, welcomed students to the commencement ceremony and recognized the faculty for a job well done. Dr. Jose Acevedo, President & CEO, Finger Lakes Health gave the President’s Address and Dr. Victoria Record, Dean of the College gave the Dean’s Address. Eileen Gage, Vice President of Nursing at Finger Lakes Health gave the keynote address and class president, Corey Wood, gave the class address. Dr. Acevedo and Dr. Record presented diplomas.

Dr. Victoria Record, EdD, RN, presented special awards. The Academic Achievement Award for the highest academic achievement in the nursing program was presented to two students: Leah Allen and Jessica Bergerstock. Receiving the Clinical Practice Award for outstanding service in medical and surgical nursing was Khristeen Sproul and Sarah Lagasse; and receiving the Geriatric Practice Award for outstanding service in geriatric nursing was Cassie Snyder.

The Patricia Schillaci Memorial Award for the graduate nurse, who has demonstrated the ability to couple technology with caring, compassionate nursing care, was presented to Jermaine McNeill.
Sarah Popp received the College of Nursing Class Choice Award, presented to the graduate nurse who demonstrated principles of relationship-based care by creating healthy relationships with the people he or she works with and cares for, selected by class vote.

The Outstanding Student Achievement award, given to the graduate nurse who has demonstrated consistent commitment and growth in the academic and clinical setting, was awarded to Katie Martin.
Leah Allen and Ernest Mwangi were the recipients of the Florence Nightingale Award, presented to the graduate nurse(s) who demonstrates a spirit to improve the healthcare environment. The Heart of Nursing Award recognizing a graduate nurse who has consistently shown enthusiasm and the spirit of nursing was presented to Marcella Carr.

The Graduate Nurse Engagement Award, presented to the graduate nurse who demonstrates the five C’s: Clarity, Competency, Confidence, Collaboration and Commitment leading to the ability to adapt to a change healthcare environment, was awarded to Tiffany Rowe.

In honor and recognition of James J. Dooley, past long-tenured President & CEO of Finger Lakes Health, who served as the first President of the Finger Lakes Health College of Nursing, the James J. Dooley Memorial Award was presented to Christina Pierce for serving as a role model and mentor to others and demonstrating a love for family, community and the healthcare profession.

The second annual Aubrey DeMillo Memorial Award was presented to Dominique Main. This award was established in memory of Aubrey DeMillo, a member of the Finger Lakes Health College of Nursing Class of 2013.
The William J. DiCicco Memorial Award honors the graduate nurse who exhibits the attributes that Bill demonstrated throughout his life: devotion to family, a strong work ethic, the value of education and love of country was awarded to Maureen Cunningham.

Finger Lakes Health College of Nursing graduates for 2014 are LeAnn Alfonso, Leah Allen, Holly Bailey, Allison Baker, Jessica Bergerstock, Caitlyn Bopp, Mary Brew, Ashlynn Bruch, Marcella Carr, Melissa Chatfield, Milagros Chavez, Marlene Comfort, Jacqueline Cruz, Maureen Cunningham, Christina DiCampli, Kathryn DiDona, Brandy Erb, Carol Farnham, Danielle Festa, Christian Gardner, Rickell Gordon, Jennifer Henderson, Brittany Howard, Victoria Huether, Danielle James, Sara Jensen, Amanda Kalish, Sarah LaGasse, Brooke Ludden, Dominique Main, Matthew Mancini, Kathryn Martin, Nicole Mason, Katharine McGough, Jennifer McQuillan, Ernest Mwangi, Jermaine McNeill, Jo’An Ochaya, Kelly Parker, Christina Pierce, Cassie Pinkard, Bridgette Plyter, Sarah Popp, Kathy Rose, Tiffany Rowe, Evangelina Santana, Stacy Sawyer, Cassandra Snyder, Khristeen Sproul, Michelle Ward, Jillian Wheaton, Brandy Whipple and Corey Wood.

Finger Lakes Health College of Nursing offers flexibility to students seeking an associate’s degree in Applied Science with a major in nursing. As a privileged part of Geneva General Hospital, its unique hospital-based program allows for students to gain clinical experience on its campus in Geneva, NY.

2014 Finger Lakes Health College of Nursing Graduation