Dual Degree Nursing

The Nursing (Dual Degree) program is one of the first of its kind in New York State

The Dual Degree program was approved by the state in December 2016

Students who enroll in the program earn an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree from Finger Lakes Health College of Nursing (FLHCON) at the end of their third year and a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree from Keuka College at the end of their fourth year.

• Students are eligible to sit for the NCLEX-RN exam at the end of their third year. If they successfully pass in their first attempt, they will be fully licensed RNs during their senior year. They may seek off-campus employment as a nurse (great starting salary!) if their schedule permits.
• Students are enrolled in both institutions, but the colleges have made the registration and advising process as seamless as possible. Admissions decisions are made by a committee comprised of faculty from both institutions, not the admissions office. Admissions committee decisions are final and may not be appealed.
• Admissions requirements: High school diploma or GED. Minimum GPA of 2.5 with an 80% or higher in biology, chemistry. All science courses must have been completed within five years of application. If the student has completed Anatomy & Physiology and earned a “C” or better, biology may be waived. Satisfactory references, physical exam, immunizations, and basic life support card (CPR).
• Tuition is paid to, and scholarships awarded by, Keuka College. Keuka College manages the entire financial aid process.
• Students can live on the Keuka College campus, participate in intercollegiate athletics, and enjoy the same benefits as every other undergraduate student on the Keuka College campus.
• Keuka College offers state-of-the-art classrooms and a strong emphasis on digital learning and educational technology. Finger Lakes Health College of Nursing has a cutting-edge clinical lab and access to several acute and long-term patient care facilities. Students in this program learn in an actual health system patient care settings learning from and working with licensed health care professionals.
• Students will spend their first year on the Keuka College campus, a majority of their time at Finger Lakes Health College of Nursing their second and third years, and their fourth year on the Keuka College campus. Transportation is provided at no additional fee.