Nursing Admissions

FLHCON offers a full or part-time day/evening/weekend program that is flexible and conducive to the learner seeking a career as a professional registered nurse. This academic program will lead to an Associate Degree in Applied Science with a major in nursing awarded by FLHCON after completing the required academic semesters.

Students in the program attend classes and start participating in clinical rotations in the first semester, which will give them an opportunity to apply knowledge and skills obtained in classroom and laboratory into practice immediately.  For students interested in the nursing program, please note that the nursing program utilizes a ranking sheet for admission purposes.  You are encouraged to FLHCON&HS 2019 Ranking Sheet 

Applicant transcripts are evaluated and awarded admission points for:

Students have the opportunity to enroll at FLHCON in a variety of ways:

Traditional Option

Students enter annually as a freshman and complete four semesters.

  • High School Diploma/GED (High school seniors may apply prior to their actual graduation)
  • Completion of studies with a “C” or higher in Biology (or Anatomy & Physiology I) within five (5) years of enrollment date and achieved a grade of “C” or higher. The Biology requirement will be waived if Anatomy & Physiology I is completed within five (5) years of application date and a final grade of “C” or greater is achieved.
  • College level Chemistry, within the past five (5) years of application date and a final grade of “C” or greater is achieved.

 Second Semester Admission

Students may be considered for this option if they meet all of the following criteria: 

  •  Currently hold a valid NYS LPN license or have completed a Nursing Fundamentals I course in another registered nursing program within the last (2) two years of admission to FLHCON and received a final grade of “C+” or above. 
  • High school diploma/ GED transcript and any college transcripts
  • Completion of a college level, four credit  Chemistry course that includes a lab, within the five (5) years and achieved a final grade of “C” or higher.
  • Completion of either Biology or Anatomy & Physiology I within the last five (5) years and achieved a final grade of “C” or above
  • Please note: We no longer accept Nursing ABC  science courses (such as Chemistry CHM095 does not qualify as it is a non-credit bearing chemistry course). However, we do continue to accept Portage Online Courses/Transcripts. 


This option is only available to currently enrolled students in the Marion S. Whelan School of Practical Nursing program. There are two pathways for enrollment in the 1+1 program.

  • Option One
    • Successful completion with a grade of “C+” on the challenge exam
  • Option Two
    • Completion of the MSWSPN Program with an 85% or greater overall in NSGI, NSGII, and NSGIII (Second semester students are not eligible for this entry option)
    • A satisfactory grade in all clinical components of the MSWSPN program
  • Process/Procedure
    Any current MSWSPN student interested in the 1+1 Options must File an application via Empower for FLHCON and
    • Meet all application requirements by the application deadline published annually on the website
  • Admission into the 1+1 is based on the following
    • Successful completion of the MSWSPN program
    • Successful completion of the 1+1 Challenge exam with a grade of “C+” (77%) or higher or successful completion of MSWSPN nursing course with a grade of 85% or higher
    • Availability of NS III slots in the FLHCON Registered Nurse program

Admission decisions are sent out the week of March 1st for the Fall Admission, or the week of October 1st for the Spring Admission. 

All documentation and transcripts need to sent to:

FLHCON College Admissions Department

196 North Street

Geneva, NY 14456

Phone: 315-787-5403

Fax: 315-787-4275

Submit your Information Request via this link: Admissions Office