Adult Learner Program

Finger Lakes Health College of Nursing & Health Sciences offers a healthcare career opportunity that is flexible and conducive to the adult learner. The Nursing Program graduate receives an Associate Degree in Applied Science with a Major in Nursing is awarded by Finger Lakes Health College of Nursing & Health Sciences.

At FLHCON, faculty are committed to a student-centered learning environment and provides opportunities to engage all learning styles. Specifically, students are required to complete a variety of pre-class learning assignments to prepare for classroom instruction and activities. FLHCON uses the Carnegie rule of thumb which indicates that for every hour of classroom time, students can expect 2 hours of outside work. This outside work consists of reading, audio/video lectures to supplement the reading assignments, and various homework assignments. In concert with lecture, class time focuses on the development of knowledge through active learning strategies like discussion, problem sets, case studies, group activities, or experiential learning.

Students in the program attend classes and start participating in clinical rotations in the first semester, which will give them an opportunity to apply knowledge and skills obtained in classroom and laboratory into practice immediately.

Degree Completion Program

A Bachelor degree advancement option for students who earn an Associate degree from Finger Lakes Health College of Nursing & Health Sciences may be available through Keuka College, St. John Fisher College and Nazareth College. The Bachelor’s advancement option encourages the student to begin working as a Registered Nurse while continuing on to a Bachelor program.

Seniors in Class