Nursing Curriculum

Finger Lakes Health College of Nursing and Health Sciences has a distinguished reputation throughout the Finger Lakes Region for the quality of our graduates. We focus on preparing students to join a workforce community of healthcare professionals who provide exemplary service and care to a diverse population. Our faculty and staff are innovative, creative and engaged in advancing the knowledge and skills to improve the delivery of health care.

Our faculty are integral to our academic strength. They are experienced professional registered nurses who have obtained advanced degrees and national certifications. They are committed to student learning and maintaining high academic standards. Students are attracted to the College of Nursing because of its small classroom size, faculty to student ratios, and flexibility of the program.

The Curriculum

To receive an Associate in Applied Science degree in New York State, students must earn at least 56 college credits. At FLHCON, the student will earn 61.4 credits: 34.4 in specialized nursing courses and 27 in general education over 3 or 4 semesters, 45-60 weeks.

Clinical Component

Students complete 600 clinical hours throughout the two-year program. Each student rotates through various clinical areas including, but not limited to, the emergency room, long-term care, medical/surgical units, family birth, community/mental health, intensive care, and physician’s practices. Clinical experiences begin within the first two weeks of the semester. The combination of classroom and clinical content prepares students to achieve the end of program student learning outcomes.

FLHCON Recommended Academic Plan AAS in Nursing

Classes for General Education/Liberal Arts are taken at any local community college or accredited Online College program such as Portage Learning

Semester I – Course NameCurrent


NU100 – Nursing Science I7.5
NU100C  – Nursing Science I ClinicalN/A
NU100L – Nursing Science I LabN/A
Anatomy and Physiology I4
Freshman English Composition3
General Psychology3
Total Credits:17.5
Semester II – Course NameCurrent


NU101 Nursing Science II8.3
NU101C Nursing Science II ClinicalN/A
Anatomy and Physiology II4
Life Span Developmental Psychology3
Total Semester Credits:15.3
Semester III – Course NameCurrent


NU200 – Nursing Science III8.3
NU200C – Nursing Science III ClinicalN/A
Introduction to Sociology3
Total Semester Credits:15.3
Semester IV – Course NameCurrent


NU201 – Nursing Science IV8.3
NU201C – Nursing Science IV ClinicalN/A
NU202  – Nursing as a Profession2
English Composition II3
Total Semester Credits:13.3

Current Total Program Credits: 61.4

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