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Student Computer Requirements for your Laptop prior to starting our program:

Laptop – Computer Requirements for Students: FLHCON-MSWSPN Student Laptop Requirements

“Potential Remote Learning” All students will need a Web Camera (Webcam) having a minimum 320×240 VGA camera and a microphone is required for participating in remote learning sessions.  Most laptops have built-in Web Cams; check the specifications of your laptop.  An external Webcam is required for most desktops and any laptops that do not have a built-in Webcam; check the specifications of your desktop/laptop.  Any modestly priced external Webcam will meet the specifications for remote learning.

*Important Information* Google Chrome Books, iPads, and Mac Books are NOT recommended for our Program.

Minimum Recommended Configurations for Windows and Macintosh Computers

  • Operating System (OS): Windows 10  
  • Storage: at least 256Gb

  • RAM: 4GB

Recommended Configuration for New Purchases

  •  Operating System (OS): Windows 10 
  • Storage: a Solid State Drive (SSD) with at least 256Gb
  • RAM 8GB

Additional Considerations:

 Antivirus Software: The use of a well-known, highly regarded, anti-virus/anti-malware product is strongly recommended for Windows. Windows 10 does have Windows Defender pre-installed.

Backup: Highly recommend backing up to an external hard drive/flash drive and/or cloud-based storage.

Dongles and Adapters: An HDMI Adapter depending on the laptop, may be necessary in order to give presentations or connect to external monitors and classroom projectors.

Network: Wireless network card (802.11 n/ac) to connect to Finger Lakes Health’s Visitor Network.

Internet Browsers:  Windows (Edge) have built-in browsers. For the most compatible browsing experience on both platforms, we recommend having another browser such as Google Chrome in case the browser on your device is not loading during peak times.

 Office Suite: MS Office 365 Online is a compatible productivity suite that edits and view XML formatted documents (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx). Examples of compatible productivity suites are MS Office 365 Online, OpenOffice, LibreOffice and Google Docs (cloud based). (Please test your device by creating a document and saving to yoru device then open up later.

**Operating System: Microsoft Windows in order to meet the variety of software needs they will encounter. Note: Other operating systems such as Chrome OS or mobile/tablet platforms are insufficient to adequately run needed software or incompatible with online applications.**

Updates/Configuration Changes: It is recommended to apply all updates, security patches and hot fixes in a timely manner to ensure the computer is protected from vulnerabilities. This should be done before you come to school to take an exam – otherwise you will have issues with logging in to take your exam.

At the same time, we recommend caution – when applying upgrades to the Operating System (also known as the OS) or make significant changes to the device during the Semester. Upgrades to the OS are updates that would change the version of the OS

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