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NOTICE: We will be having a BLS Skills Session for Current and Incoming Students to FLHCON and MSWSPN in January for any student who will need to get their BLS or renew their BLS for the Spring Semester. More information coming soon with dates and times. Math for Nursing Classes will also be available in January before the semester begins. More to come!

  • Computer – Laptop Requirements: FLHCON/MSW Student Computer-Laptop Requirements 9/2021   Notes & Updates:  COVID19 – 2020-2021 -“Potential Remote Learning”  All Students will need a Web Camera (Webcam) having a minimum 320×240 VGA camera and a microphone is required for participating in remote learning sessions.  Most laptops have built-in Web Cams; check the specifications of your laptop.  An external Webcam is required for most desktops and any laptops that do not have a built-in Webcam; check the specifications of your desktop/laptop.  Any modestly priced external Webcam will meet the specifications for remote learning. Note: Chrome Books are not recommended for use while in our program.  *iPads – will not work for taking Exams while you are in the Nursing Program. You will need to use a different computer if you have and iPad.

Alumni/Graduates:  *** see below

We are proud of our students and graduates from our program here at Finger Lakes College of Nursing & Health Sciences. After you graduate we ask that everyone complete the Employment Attestation Electronic Form.

***Use this E-Form by filling in the information, then “Add a Note to Sign” create a smaller pen size to sign the form electronically and then email to 

Here is the form if you want to print and Fax or send via mailEmployment-Attestation-updated

We have included the links above with the student employment attestation form as part of our continued accreditation process for collecting graduate/alumni employment data.  We ask that when you graduate from our program that this form is filled out and signed and returned back to us by no later than September 30th

***The employment attestation form can be emailed, faxed or sent through USPS mail to:

Finger Lakes Health College of Nursing & HS/Alumni

196 North Street 

Geneva, NY 14456

Fax: 315-787-4275

or email to:

         Nursing Students in the Skills Lab on Campus