I am currently taking my assessment class for my BSN at U of R and my professor was pleased that my assessment skills were advanced for an ASN nurse. I explained that even in my LPN program I was taught assessment skills in depth as well as my RN program. She was surprised to hear about the clinical experience I had as a student in different areas. I am glad I chose to attend both MSW as well as FLHCON and this made me more pleased with my choice and I hope you share with the rest of the faculty that you all are AMAZING instructors! Hope you and the rest of the crew are doing well.” Alice Gilbert (Radcliff), RN, Graduate MSWSPN Class of 2016, FLHCON Class of 2019 

“I wouldn’t trade going to school here at Finger Lakes Health College of Nursing and now working at Geneva General for anything. The small town rural hospital and the people it serves deserves the best. Small but Mighty.” Melissa Grummons, BSN, RN, Graduate Class of 2012

A 2013 graduate of the Finger Lakes Health College of Nursing & Health Sciences, she reminds herself to always live in the moment. To feel comfortable in critical situations highlights an inner strength of nurses, to sail through the squalls. My first steps into the world of a Registered Nurse brought me to a “school that allows you to have great clinical experiences and learn from a hard working generation of nurses. Too many nurses graduate and think they need to move on through things quickly. A patient can tell when you truly care. You don’t learn to be a nurse by just passing school and your boards, you learn on the floor.” The marriage of new technology with the bedside manner and professionalism that has always defined the field will be the key to the future. For the here and now, “enjoying where you are at in life is most important.” Be present and connect. Elizabeth Smith, MSN, FNP-C

“As a nurse manager continuously hiring new grads, I was impressed with the level of professionalism and knowledge the FLH graduates provided. In addition to being well rounded, they were well trained and prepared to continue to advance their careers. I have been very happy employing graduates of the FLH program.” Betsy Stockmeister, MBA, BSN, RN

Finger Lakes Health College of Nursing approaches teaching with flexibility. The entire faculty is dedicated and committed to the student’s success. Each semester, I have become more comfortable and confident in my skills and knowledge. I enjoy the small class and clinical groups, and we have all become so close.” Haylie Karlsen, RN, Graduate Class of 2019

“I would like express my extreme gratitude for all of the support and vital information provided at FLHCON. I can truly state that the inspiring staff have molded me into a great nurse and as a better person. FLHCON provided me with nothing but quality and important information for me to succeed on the NCLEX. I will also say thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be part of your program and most importantly the consistent motivation you offer. Continue inspiring old/young aspiring students because you are truly great at it. Thank you for the overwhelming kindness.” Janell Mclawrence RN, Graduate Class of 2018

As a graduate of MSWSPN Class of 2015 and a current RN student, returning to FLHCON was an easy decision. This hospital-based program provides me with an opportunity to serve the local community while gaining vital knowledge and experience through my clinical experiences. So far I have learned from personal experience, if you invest in your education, the faculty will invest in your success.Danielle Olvenik, RN, Graduate Class of 2019